4 salad ideas to accompany grilled meats

4 salad ideas to accompany grilled meats

To accompany your summer grills, nothing better than a salad for a balanced meal. For her, salad should not be too lightto not lack some necessary nutritional contributions, such as macronutrients that are proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. Vitamins and mineralswhich you will find in fruits and vegetables are also essential.

Be careful not to forget the starch. In effect, a cereal or legume base is essential. A salad consisting only of raw vegetables and green salad will not be quite balanced. Think also spicy, which can turn a basic salad into a delicious meal. You can change oils, spices and also aromatic herbs and young shoots to add to your salads.

brown rice salad

For a balanced salad, nothing can pass a starch or legume base. Quinoa, corn, lentils … even rice or pasta, but in this case choose whole foods. On this starch base, you can add green salad and cucumbers crackling and freshness. Then chop the cherry tomatoes for a nice touch.

For more fun, but also calcium, add pieces of cheese in your salad. Hard cheeses like Comté and Emmental are very rich in them, but a little more with bad fatty acids. Some like sliced ​​cheese, parmesan and blue cheese are very salty. The recommendation regarding the consumption of dairy products for an adult is two per dayyou can replace cheese with spices of cottage cheese, lemon and herbs.

vegetable salad

Although starch or legumes are needed every day, a salad made from them will necessarily become more delicious. You can make salads made only from vegetables, such as raw vegetables or marinated vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, etc.). In this case, do not neglect the spice and choose the right. Indeed, not all oils are created equal. Olive oil is very interesting from a nutritional point of view as it is rich in antioxidants (vitamin E and polyphenols). Prefer all the same cold pressed and “extra virgin” olive oils. You can also use omega 3 rich oils, such as rapeseed oil, flaxseed oil, camellia or walnut oil. Also think about fresh spices and herbs that have real flavor and nutritional benefits.

Remember to have at least one starch in your meal, as a slice of wholemeal bread or cereal.

Sweet and savory salad

Although sweet and savory it is not to everyone’s taste, salads made with this mixture are refreshing and full of good nutrients. With a starchy or neutral legume base, such as lentils, add raw vegetables, such as cucumbers, radishes and carrots. You can also add avocados, which will bring sweetness and roundness to your salad.

For a touch of fruit, consider pomegranate seeds, which will give a sweet and savory touch to your meal. You can also decide mangowhich go very well with rice salads.

Fruit salad

Even the fruit salad is one of the stars of the summer table. Fruits are rich in vitamins and fiber, so do not miss it. You can make a salad yourself watermelon and melonwith leaves of basil and lemonwhich will have a sweet side, but above all very quenching thirst.

Salad with strawberries and mint are also a very good idea, for a refreshing and sweet effect. Exotic fruits are also suitable for a summer salad, like mango, passion fruit and pineapple. Finally, peaches and figs are highly valued in fruit salads.

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