5 Surprising Benefits of Salad

5 Surprising Benefits of Salad

Lettuce, watermelon, lamb lettuce … Salads are good to eat and are among the foods that should be consumed in moderation, as they are full of benefits.

Fight constipation

Thanks to the high fiber content, lettuce contributes to the proper functioning of transit. It stimulates the lazy intestines and limits gas and other bloating. Romaine lettuce and leaf lettuce are especially stocked with it.

A treasure for the skin

All types of salads contain interesting levels of vitamins. Among them, vitamin A, or beta-carotene, which gives good colors, or even B and C, which slow down cell aging.

Contributes to bone health

Lettuce leaves are on the other hand an excellent source of minerals. This food provides mainly iron and calcium, which contributes to the formation and strengthening of bones and teeth. The one with the most is arugula (129 mg / 100g).

Good for morale

Surprising as it may seem, lettuce, more specifically lamb lettuce, is a good source of omega-3. These fatty acids are essential for mental health. They help to maintain a good nervous balance.

Quenching thirst

Like cucumber, green salad finally quenches a lot of thirst. This very low calorie vegetable plant – 100 grams represents an energy value of 16 calories (without spices) – contains 95% water.

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