6 recipe ideas that will make you want to eat salads

6 recipe ideas that will make you want to eat salads

Who said salads could not be as delicious and comforting as a good stew? Jo ne! Discover our delicious recipes to prepare in the fall!

What should we put in our fall salads?

It’s simple, in the salad you can put whatever you want, making sure the ingredients are in season, of course! Hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds e Dried fruits go perfectly with autumn salads! They add flavor to the recipe and add to the crumbs. You can also sprinkle some raisins and aromatic herbs if you are making an autumn tab, for example! Of course, seasonal vegetables are welcome in your salads! Broccoli, mushrooms, beets and spinach… It’s delicious!

Gratins, raclette and tartiflette are already on all tables to beat the cold. What if we got a little out of the way by making ultra gourmet salads that smell good in the fall? In your salads, ready… Cook!

Autumn salad with endives

Autumn salad

Autumn salad with fried mushrooms

Autumn beet salad

Autumn salad with baby spinach

Roasted pumpkin salad with spinach and nuts

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