Bag salads: a good or bad idea for your health?

Bag salads: a good or bad idea for your health?

Bag salads have the advantage of saving time in the kitchen. But are they good for your health? Or at least, are those foods as interesting as fresh salads? Answers with Anthony Fardet, food engineer.

A fresh green salad is sometimes a chore for people with busy schedules. You have to clean them, squeeze them, cut them. Therefore, salads in bags act as a gift from god to overcome all these steps. But are they good for your health?

Salad with bags, why?

According to a study conducted by the Nielsen firm for the Syndicate of Manufacturers of Ready-to-Use Herbal Products, in 2018 no less than 274 million salads were sold in bags. This is an increase of 1.4% compared to a year ago. This type of product was born in the 80s. This period marks the beginning convenience conscious consumption. In this context, market gardeners in the west of France decided to offer salads packed in bags and ready to eat. For them, it is also a way to get rid of those that are too small or defective. In 1983 the first conservation and feasibility tests were performed. In the same year, a market gardener from La Manche set up his own company to develop ready-to-use fresh vegetables. This is the starting point for increasing success with customers.

No additives, no chemicals

As for their production, you should know that they are sorted, cut, pre-washed immersed in an antiseptic bath composed of chlorine products. Once they are dry, we put them in plastic. They are then kept cool at temperatures between 1 and 4 degrees. Regarding the nutritional level, a question arises: are they good for health? First, you need to know that these are not ultra processed products, but slightly processed.

“It is important to emphasize this because it means that these are not products where we have added additives or other chemical substances that may be harmful to our health. says Anthony Fardet. Subsequently, no specific scientific studies have been performed on these products, but as far as chlorine disinfectants are used for their cleaning, their degree does not pose a risk, because the residues that are left are in lower amounts than that of a gote rubineti. water “.

But the loss of vitamins

About vitamins, “There is a certain loss in salad in bags compared to a fresh salad,” vijon specialists. With the exception of vitamin C, the content of which is essentially the same in both types of salads (but still lower in salad bags). Another notable change, fresh salad will enrich our gut microbiota, namely our good bacteria that contribute to good health.

In any case, the use of its salads does not pose a health risk. But it is clear that in terms of nutritional value a fresh green salad will be preferable.

Thank you Anthony Fardet, agri-food engineer and doctor in human nutrition.

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