Baked or baked in salads, salads or confetti, our best poultry recipes

Baked or baked in salads, salads or confetti, our best poultry recipes

All our bird variations, each tastier than the other. The best the best recipes Getty Images

From chicken to pigeon, through goose, birds have a unique taste and texture and go just as well with citrus fruits as autumn fruits and vegetables. Selection of our best recipes, French and international.

The sweet aroma of freshly baked birds in the oven, how can you do without it? Chicken or duck, rooster or capon, always something to celebrate around a soluble and delicious dish. A good chicken breast, chicken, turkey, chicken or duck à l’orange, from Landes birds to Bresse birds, you do not know what to choose. The second favorite source of animal protein for the French after pork friend, poultry is available in an eclectic way thanks to its delicate aroma and structure. It can be cooked with mild spices, honey, cream or mushrooms, or simply baked with garlic and aromatic herbs, which will surely delight purists.

Selection of poultry recipes

For cooking, there is no need to pull out the hair, three excellent schools: grilled, baked or candied, to your liking. In this fall, but also throughout the year, you can taste and choose your poultry on occasion and cook it differently thanks to this selection of sixteen recipes.


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