Bouchra, the French pastry to be followed, gives her blueberry cake recipe that will impress your guests

Bouchra, the French pastry to be followed, gives her blueberry cake recipe that will impress your guests

Cake design star figure, Bouchra imagine wedding cakes and recipes that make her one of the most brilliant cake artists of her generation. Passionate but discreet, the internationally brilliant Frenchwoman imagines sculptural creations as delicious for the palate as it is for the eyes. Thanks to her love of art and cooking, Bouchra has created a Haute Patisserie and Sugar Art house that can be found on the most beautiful wedding tables. For Vogue, this ultra-creative confectioner stylist shares one of her step-by-step recipes. What to try to impress his loved ones thanks to the advice of this specialist.

fashionable. Why this recipe for blueberry cake with delicious fresh cream cheese?

Bushra. “I have always loved blueberries: it is a fruit that I find very pleasant in terms of color and its beautiful shape. This little berry evokes with its fresh and aromatic flavors the memory of the delicious blueberry cake” home ” typical of Alsace.the native region where I grew up, I also had the opportunity to taste during my travels to Canada a thin blueberry cheesecake, the taste of which remained etched in my memory.

Blueberries being not very present in pastries, I wanted to accompany it with lemon and a sweet and savory cream in the style of milk. My idea was to reinterpret the layer cake by playing with the notes
aromatic, giving it a light and fresh texture combining blueberries, lemon and this “cheesecake” note which create this perfect balance. The edible shoes add a floral and poetic touch to this creation, a lovely bouquet for the Bouchra house. “And now, move on to the step-by-step recipes. Follow the guide!


For milk style cream:

400 g fresh cheese (Philadelphia type)
120 g sugar
100 g lemon juice + skin of 3 lemons
370 gr liquid cream 30% fat

For the soft fermented milk biscuit:

300 gr blueberries
340 gr flour cake
300 g of granulated sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
140 g egg whites at room temperature (or 4 egg whites)
110 g of vegetable oil
290 gr of fermented milk at room temperature or slightly lukewarm
160 g of soft butter
The skin of a lemon

For decoration:

whole blueberries
edible pans


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