Delicious birthday cake recipes that are easy enough to cook!

Delicious birthday cake recipes that are easy enough to cook!

I love to bake cakes for the birthdays of my loved ones! It is a pleasant touch for them and also allows them to contribute to the meal. It seems to me like a lot of people are scared of baking, or just don’t care, haha! But if you clicked on this article, it’s probably because you have little interest in sweets and how they are made.

If you follow the steps and measure your ingredients in grams, you should not have much trouble making the recipes I suggest. To make good pasta, it is important to follow the recipe and not get too much creative freedom with the ingredients (as you can do for a soup, for example). Also, another tip is to check the cooking according to the power of your oven. The times shown in the recipes are not always suitable for your oven.

Without further ado, discover ten recipes for birthday cakes that are quite simple to make!

Terrine Tiramisu

Credit: Justine Marc-Aurèle three times a day

Tiramisu is a dessert enjoyed by many people. Preparing this dessert is made simple by following this recipe from Trois fois par jour!

Small pots with dulce de leche cheesecake

Credit: 5 ingredients 15 minutes

Cupcakes with slow cooker? We say yes! The recipe is here.

Cheesecake, sour cream and raspberries

Credit: Sylvie Li for three times a day

This cake is one of my favorite recipes! It is easy to follow and hard to lose. Plus, baking the cake is done without having to put it in another bowl of water in the oven, like most other cheesecake recipes.

Red Velvet Cake, Frosting Cheese Cream

Credit: 5 ingredients 15 minutes

This cake looks tricky to prepare, but if you choose a simple decoration, you will find that it is not that difficult to follow the recipe and have a beautiful result.

Cake with food of angels with fruit

Credit: Caty Recipes

Angel food cake is a fairly simple recipe to make. The filling is also easy to make and the result will be delicious!

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