Exit – Free time |  Aix: his biscuits caught the eye of the TV

Exit – Free time | Aix: his biscuits caught the eye of the TV

The emulator of the late “king of chefs” Escoffier, three-time French barbecue champion and member of the World Gastronomy Organization, Véronique Fillippi was last seen in Jourdan Park for the Côté Sud show. She cooks there to praise the merits of a wood-burning oven brand she represents.

But the most interesting information is that of his creation of a new biscuit with Mediterranean taste: “Les Toqués du terroir asked me to make a delicacy. In one corner of my table I made this recipe based on almonds, pistachios, honey, olive oil, sweetened orange peel, lemon peel and sugar. It took me three months to complete the design.

“The film crew and arrival at my fortress in Saint-Cannat”

The cake almost fell into oblivion because she had not been allowed to make a real production of it. After the arrival of the TF1 team, she finally started the adventure doing everything from A to Z: brand registration, domain name, searching for local manufacturers and distributors, etc. “The shooting team came to my fortress in Saint-Cannat. It scared me when I saw all these cameras in my kitchen.

Already back in some good restaurants in the region, will the cake with the stamp “Mediterranean Biscuits” overthrow the sacred Speculoos that accompanies coffee on the terrace? What is certain is that the issue Great report: crazy localsregional special pastry is broadcast today at 14:50 on TF1 and there we will see Véronique.

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