Fried chicken recipe

Fried chicken recipe

Olivier Poels

However, a dish associated with American fast food, fried chicken does not originate from Uncle Sam’s place. Here we are not talking about nuggets (most often industrial), but about whole pieces of roasted and fried chicken. Long before Americans, Africans cooked chicken this way. We owe the arrival of the recipe in the United States to the sad period of slavery.

By the 18th century, black women selling these chicken pieces at markets and train stations (could follow the black migration north by following the chicken bones along the “chicken bone express” railway lines). Whites have to manage a paradox, on the one hand this dish is associated with blacks and therefore cloudy, on the other hand they like it … many buy it and will even go so far as to steal the recipe, after all. The first mention of fried chicken in a cookbook appeared in 1824 in housewife of Virginiawritten by a white woman from a slave family.

She just stole the recipe. But the one who appropriated the recipe and made a fortune from it, he’s still a white guy, a sort of Harlan Sanders, is the one who founded the KFC chain. It all started with a gas station he opened in 1929 in Kentucky, where he prepared fried chicken. He had modified the recipe by adding a clever spice mix to his composition.

He later became so popular that the governor of the state gave him the title of Colonel of Kentucky. He then opened a restaurant and his recipe was recorded in 1940. It was after the war that he started in franchises under the name KFC. The first opened in Salt Lake City in 1952 in Utah. He creates his own character: white suit, goat and becomes the parable of the brand which you resold a few years later in a large group.

Fried chicken recipe:

– some pieces of chicken
– 4 tablespoons flour or cornstarch
– 2 eggs
– corn flakes without sugar
– spice mix (smoked paprika, coriander, chili pepper, pepper, cumin…)
– Oil
– Pepper salt
1. Marinate the chicken pieces in a little oil and spices for 12 hours

Crush the corn flakes

Dip chicken pieces in low-salt flour, beaten eggs and cornflour.

4. Fry in oil at 180 ° C

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