Green salad with young Cantal cubes

Green salad with young Cantal cubes


Cantal Young
Green salad or mix
salt and pepper

Cut Cantalin into small cubes.
Clean the salad. We fix it with vinegrette. Scatter the cubes of
Cantal and serve.


– Use aromatic vinaigrettes and adapt the Cantal variety:
Cantal Jeune and vinaigrette with raspberry or tarragon with vinegar
raspberry or tarragon, Cantal Entre-Deux and hazelnut vinaigrette
with hazelnut and crushed hazelnut oil, Cantal Vieux and
walnut or sesame sauce with walnut or sesame oil.
– Add gold croutons the same size as Cantal ku cubes…

Photo credit: Recipe: S’cuiz in by Gwen Rassemusse

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Regional dishes:
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Cantal and Sal Salads
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Cantal cheese and snacks:
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Sandwich “Bacon, butter, Cantal in the middle”.
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