Here’s slimming recipes for chocolate cake without baking for almost 10 minutes

Here’s slimming recipes for chocolate cake without baking for almost 10 minutes

Want a quick and easy chocolate cake and have no eggs or flour in your closet? Careless. Here is the ultra simple recipe for 3-ingredient chocolate cake offered by the Youtube channel The Cooking Foodie.

Viewed more than 2.5 million times, this recipe, which only takes 10 minutes to prepare, is ideal for those who do not have the time, or who just want to try something other than tiramisu. But what are these three ingredients that make up this cake? Chocolate of course, but also coconut milk and oats, that’s all.

Quick Chocolate Cake: Ingredients and Recipe Steps


170 g dark chocolate
375 g of coconut milk
220 g rolled oats


Cut 170 gr of chocolate into pieces. Then place in a heat-resistant container.

Take a pot in which you will pour coconut milk to boil.

Butter a parchment paper mold. The diameter of the mold should be about 18 cm.

Mix the milk and chocolate. After two minutes of boiling, mix the milk with the chocolate until melted.

Add the rolled oats to your mix and mix everything together.

Take your butter-coated mold and pour your chocolate-milk-oatmeal mixture into it. Level to obtain a flat and homogeneous surface.

Allow your preparation to cool to room temperature. Next, put your mold in the fridge for at least 4 hours! It is the cold one that will hinder cooking and consolidate the cake.

After 4 hours, pull out! It’s ready, serve yourself a nice generous portion.

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