Homemade king cake recipe

Homemade king cake recipe

Depending on the regions of France (or Europe) and local customs, the biscuit is not always smooth. In the south of France, we talk more about cake of kings, or Provencal briosh with candied fruit and orange blossom, also called KINGDOM Where Crown of Kings. This specialty is also present in Spain, where it is called Roscon de Reyesor in Portugal where we speak Bolo Rei.

What is the difference between a king cake and a galette des rois?

Both the king’s cake and cake are eaten during Epiphany, a Catholic holiday that celebrates the arrival of three wise men. The first is found especially in the north of France. It takes the form of a sweet pie: it consists of noodles stuffed with a frangipane, a mixture of pastry cream and almond cream. of royal cake recipe, in terms, it is made from a more or less croissant-flavored cake dough, flavored with orange blossom. With a round, sometimes intertwined shape, this southern specialty is covered in sugar and possibly sweetened fruit, symbolizing the gemstones of magicians. Therefore, these two cakes have little in common, other than the name and the date on which they are tasted.

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A dessert featuring regional products

If this cake is so popular in the south of France at the time of Epiphany, it’s because it honors the treasures of Provence: orange blossom, sweetened fruit and sometimes even olive oil in some r.king brioche recipe. Moreover, some sources claim that the heat of these areas hindered the functioning of the butter, which is very present in the dough. It would be for this reason that traditional pancakes have never found its place there.

Our tips for a successful traditional recipe for the crown of kings

ABOUT make a traditional royal cake, you must first make a croissant dough. Prefer quality ingredients, especially in relation to butter, which gives all the flavor and generosity to the croissant. Work at room temperature. Note that the more there is, the softer the dough is and the harder it is to weave. On the yeast side, use fresh bread yeast. The more yeast and sugar in a dough, the more the dough will rise. Remember to degass it well to remove carbon dioxide after the first rise. Once you have completed these steps, you can incorporate the candied fruit into your dough. Then let it cool for at least an hour in the fridge to give it a lighter shape. You can either make a hole with your thumb in the middle of the ball and then enlarge it little by little or divide the dough into two parts to weave it. Do not forget to add a bean before cooking!

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