How to avoid cravings for sweets during the day?

How to avoid cravings for sweets during the day?

The firsts food what we eat after a good night’s sleep is very important for the rest of the day. This is when we will tell our body what it will need during the day. And if you are one of those people who swallows a slice of spray before leaving home, you are the first to worry. At 10:30 are you hungry? It is normal.

“Most of us have,” he said too much glucose in the body. It creates problems for us. For example, weight gain, lethargy, fertility problems, difficulty sleeping … And in the long run, you can develop diseases like. diabetes Type 2 ”. so explains Jessie without wearingbiochemist and author of “Make your glucose your revolution”IN Raw.

Glucose drop

During meals sweet in the morning, she explains that your body is experiencing a huge rise in glucose which causes it to drop very quickly. This is what causes feeling of hunger very soon. This mode of operation, which she compares to a “roller coaster” therefore causes desire throughout the day. And not just any. Sugar cravings that you do not necessarily have when you have not eaten cakes when you wake up.

How to avoid cravings for sugar?

To feel better in your body, it is clear that it is important to reduce yourself sugar consumption. To do this, the biochemist gave him six tips Raw to manage his cravings for sweets. To reach these tips, she required the last 300 studies. Starting with a salty breakfast in the morning.

“It will allow you to spend a day with much more FOCUSless mood swings “.

If you do not eat breakfast, she says it is still important to break the fast with salty foods.

Food order

To reduce changes in glucose levels, the biochemist advises following a specific order during our meals. The order is as follows: vegetables, protein, starch.

“When we eat vegetable first, they create a protective shield in our stomach. If then, we add starch or sugars, thanks to this shield, glucose molecules are less absorbed into the blood. So we will have fewer glucose drops and less symptoms.

Do not eat only starchy foods

To reduce the speed at which glucose enters the blood, it is necessary, according to her, to systematically accompany his carbohydrates. So, we limit the pasta plastering with pesto. When we eat starchwe take care to accompany them with fiber and protein.

Consume vinegar

of vinegar would have a very positive impact on ours blood sugar level (blood sugar level). For this reason, it is advisable to consume it during our start (green salad) or even mix it with water in a glass and drink it before the meal.

Sports after meals

An hour after the meal, you should be able to we exercise our muscles for ten minutes. Ideja? Muscles will need energy. And this energy will be found directly in the blood. By doing this, you will avoid collision after the meal.

salty mouth

Saltier, saltier. Even if it is not recommended to eat appetizer, we are just people and sometimes, in the middle of the afternoon, we want to put something in our mouth. When it happens, do something messy and not sweet.

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