How to wash a green salad to remove pesticides?

How to wash a green salad to remove pesticides?

Whether you are a proud owner of a vertical urban garden, prefer traditional village cultivation, or are just a regular consumer relying on products sold in the supermarket, knowing how to clean your fruits and vegetables is a matter of food safety. This is even more valuable when talking about leafy vegetable plants which are able to retain a lot of impurities and therefore transmit harmful bacteria to the human body. In addition, there is the problem with pesticides which pose a health risk and which are particularly dangerous for young children and pregnant women. So how do you wash a green salad or other leafy vegetable to remove any residue of biocidal substances?

How to wash a salad to remove pesticides

How to wash kale with running water to remove pesticides

First, when it comes to lettuce, things are somewhat complicated due to the nature of the plant. The same goes for other varieties of green salads, the leaves of which are just as soft. That is, they must be acted upon gently at all times so as not to damage their structure during the process.

How to wash green salad to remove pesticides

Also, keep in mind that even vegetables labeled “pre-washed” in grocery stores, as well as organically grown products, should be thoroughly cleaned before consumption. Here are the steps to explaining how to wash a salad to get rid of microorganisms, parasites and chemicals that go hand in hand quite often!

How to Wash a Salad in a Few Simple Steps |

How to wash green salad under running water to remove pesticides

1. The first step in cleaning lettuce leaves is to fill a basin with cold water. Your kitchen sink, a plastic tub or a large bowl are perfectly suited for your intended use. Before washing the lettuce heads, remove the usually damaged outer leaves and trim the base of the stalk.

how to wash grain leaves to remove pesticides

2. Separate the leaves, dip in water and rotate slightly with your hands. Soak the lettuce in water for a minute or two so that the dirt settles to the bottom of the container. Then, take the leaves out of the water and soak them for a few moments under cold running water. We put them in a colander, check them and for the absence of visible dirt, let them drain well. If the lettuce is particularly soiled, it may be appropriate to repeat the soaking and rinsing.

Can white vinegar be used?

how to wash lettuce other types of green salads to remove pesticides

It should be clarified that the above steps are normally quite sufficient to remove about 80-90% of pesticides. However, if you want to be full, you can add a little white vinegar to the soaked water. Some researchers suggest that a solution of 4 parts water to 1 part vinegar should do the trick, but you will also need to soak the leaves for about 20 minutes.

How to Wash a Salad with Baking Soda |

how to wash salad remove pesticides how to dry

Other strategists who consider how to wash a salad to remove its pesticides, choose the almost wonderful baking soda. The correct percentage would be 2 tablespoons per liter of water. So soak the products for 12-15 minutes in the solution, then rinse well with clean water. By the way, if you are a gardener and want to get rid of caterpillars, snails and snails that are attacking your crop, you can certainly use the same baking soda in the garden.

A salt water bath is also helpful

how-to-wash-salad-with-clean-water-to-remove-pesticide residues

Then, if you are wondering how to successfully wash a green salad, you can always make it a salt bath. Recent studies have shown that soaking fruits and vegetables in a 10% solution of salt water for 20 minutes before rinsing removes most of the residue from the four most common pesticides. Always keep in mind that a very concentrated solution or a very long soaking period will spoil your delicate products.

How to wash a salad and how to dry it

how to wash salad remove pesticides how to dry spinner

3. Once the cleaning method has been selected and practiced, it is enough to dry the lettuce thoroughly. Place the leaves on a salad spinner by dividing them into small bunches and rolling inside for a while. Remember to drain the water from the centrifuge after each batch.

How to dry a salad without a rolling pin

how to wash lettuce leaves techniques to remove pesticides

If you do not have crushers, drain the lettuce well in a colander and place the leaves in a single layer on a clean kitchen towel or a few sheets of paper. If necessary, store lettuce in the refrigerator in a resealable container or bag. Ideally, wash and dry vegetables and fruits shortly before eating them.

how to wash salad, remove dry pesticides without squeezing

In conclusion, the best way to avoid harmful pesticides is, of course, to grow your own produce or buy only organic products. However, increasing your diet or eating completely organic is not always an affordable solution. Therefore we must know how to wash a salad, an apple, etc. to keep his diet as healthy as possible!

how to wash arugula salad to remove pesticides

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