“I was poisoned”, the site that hunts dirty restaurants – Liberation

“I was poisoned”, the site that hunts dirty restaurants – Liberation


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The I was Poisoned page offers its users the opportunity to anonymously report restaurants suspected of causing food poisoning. Many restaurants have been reported in France.

One night of unwinding, you go to a fast food restaurant in order to provide good fatty, salty and sweet things in less than five minutes. You come out immediately satiated, happy, a little embarrassed, but that’s not a big deal: tomorrow, I promise you, you’ll only eat a green salad. Except at night, you are condemned by the god of dietetics: nothing is going well, and from you come unfamiliar spasms that throw you to the floor. What should be done? To keep this secret information to yourself, drowned in the face of so many materials with dubious aesthetics? Or, rather, report the restaurant on a site dedicated to this public health problem, such as this anonymous testimony from a visit to Chipotle in Oxnard, California: “Every time I go to this restaurant, I go to the toilet for hours with diarrhea so severe that it can be compared to a Niagara Falls boiling over me.” (One may wonder why this anonymous person specifies “every time” but is not judged).

Doubling the number of reports in one year

For Patrick Quade, CEO of I Was Poisoned, reporting this type of symptom is a civic gesture. After being poisoned twice himself, this pro finance and data company was created in 2009 – the French version was completed in 2022. His company, which employs 12 full-time employees scattered around the world, uncovered many food scandals that led to investigations or …


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