Island’s chicken’s curry

Island’s chicken’s curry

Recipes by Chef (fe) s is the name of our series of articles that puts the Strasbourg chefs in the spotlight and their favorite recipes. We simply walk into their kitchen with a camera in hand and the chef explains to us in a few words how to reproduce one of his favorite recipes at home, at home and with a few kitchen utensils. Following the recipe for holidays, apples and chocolate from the restaurant Le Pont aux Chats, we are going after the stoves of one of our favorite restaurants in Strasbourg, which I called: L’Insulaire.

A discreet restaurant, a small intimate room with warm lights and seating for about thirties: we are truly at L’Insulaire. Located on a street dedicated exclusively to restaurants (for better or worse), L’Insulaire and its Cino-Mauritian-inspired cuisine are an exception in this much-frequented neighborhood. Here, Bao Nguyen, the bar owner, and his right-hand man, chef Robin Bhoodun, offer very tasty fusion cuisine that reflects part of their family background. And you know what? Marriage is working wonderfully.

We are in a restaurant without fuss, run by friends who just do things well. Whether you come for the tranquility of the place, for its small side of the bladder hidden in the city, for the personality of the owner or for his chef’s kitchen, there is always a good reason to come back. No concept, by no means, no pirouette, just good food, good wine and her best friends around. You see, today we are going to a restaurant that we appreciate very much and we are very happy to introduce you to our chef of the day, Robin, who will prepare for us a classic restaurant: spicy masala chicken.

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