Jean-François Piège roast chicken secrets

Jean-François Piège roast chicken secrets

Jean-François Piège shares with you every Saturday drops a cooking recipe that places a seasonal product on the front of the plate. After giving you his poultry preparation tips last week (preparing the poultry, wiping it, sliding a generous dose of butter under the skin before restraining it), Jean-François Piège reveals to you this weekend the secrets of his chicken baked. But not every bird: birds from Bresse (of course you can choose birds from another source or from the farm closest to you). A way for the chef to celebrate once again the territories of France so dear to his heart.

His tips for making Jean-François Piège roast chicken successful? Melt the bird fat in a baking pan and markr birds 5 minutes on the first leg, 5 minutes on the second leg and finally 5 minutes on the abdomen, washing continuously withe fluid. All you have to do is bake for 30 minutes at 200 ° C and make a great liquid. You will see, it is simple, fast and memorable. Result ? A pure pleasure. Now it’s your turn. Treat yourself!

Recipe: Jean-François Piège Roast Chicken (4 servings)

In shop
1 poultry from Bresse (or from another source) and 1.8 kg ready to cookbird fat, bird neck, 4 cloves garlic pacifiedthyme, White wine

In the kitchen
country your baking dish of fire. Start melting bird fat. Put your birds in it. Mark 5 minutes from the side of the first thigh. Repeat the operation for 5 minutes on the second thigh. Continue for 5 minutes on stomach. Using a tablespoon, constantly clean all the birds with the greasy liquid. His skin wonderfully fed will be withdrawn first to be in perfect conditionblow in the oven. Also a way to good I DOD increase heat through the thighs.
Scatter in the container, the neck of the bird AND four cloves of garlic. Put a beautiful bouquet of thyme inside the birds. Pour a few tablespoons of fat into the poultry so that the thyme flavors spread everywhere.
Bake your plate for 30 minutes at 200 ° C. Check when it comes out of the oven that the birds are well cooked. Let rest for a few minutes in a metal container.
Meanwhile, make a degreasing liquid. Drain the liquid from the fat into a container. Add the bouquet of thyme to the baking dish. Put on high heat to caramelize the juices. Pour 10 cl of white wine and 5 cl of water. Peel the juices. Collect the garlic cloves. Filter the liquid.

Pour the degreasing fluid around the birds. Scatter the cloves of garlic. Cut the birds. Salt it. Enjoy it with the accompaniment of your desire.

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