Koh Lanta: immunity totem, a great recipe to please fans of the show

Koh Lanta: immunity totem, a great recipe to please fans of the show

Want to mark the occasion for the birthday of your BFF, an unconditional Koh Lanta fan? We found the perfect recipe: a chocolate cake with the image of the totem of immunity … with the good taste of victory!

“I can not, I have Koh Lanta “. For a few weeks, on Tuesday night has become sacred to lovers of star program and TF1. from 21:10put on the plane and unscrew the backside of the sofa only in the advertising pause … You know someone who celebrates soon his birthday ? So mark the case by preparing it a delicious cake in the form of a Koh Lanta totem. We found great recipe on pinterestsigned allomamandodowhich is being prepared 10 minutes flat. And that’s as enjoyable as getting an immunity test!

Recipe: a chocolate cake in the shape of a Koh Lanta totem


For the cake

  • 2 industrial brownies in square shape (sold in supermarkets)
  • mascarpone
  • Cream desserts

For the cream

For completion

  • Mini round meringue
  • sugar balls
  • Food marker or pastry pencil


  1. Mix a little mascarpone cream and powdered sugar.
  2. Spread the mixture on one side of a brownieusing a tablespoon.
  3. Arrange the second brownie on toplayering it well.
  4. Print and cut out the Koh Lanta totem pattern on a sheet (you will find the pattern at the end of the article). Ideally, it should be the same size as your brownies.
  5. Place the flat pattern on your double brownie and trim the edges with a knife. Now you have a totem shaped cake.
  1. Melt some tiles dark chocolate with butter AND sugar.
  2. Coat the cake with this cream using a brush, to give it a glossy look.
  3. Decorate the cake with edible handkerchiefs, meringue mini and sugar balls.
  4. Put in the fridge until tasting.

All that remains is to invite your friend to eat this special Koh Lanta cake together … but not on Tuesday, huh!


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