lady’s apple cake – Liberation

lady’s apple cake – Liberation

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Nothing goes beyond cooking to warm the mood. On the eve of the new school year, we make a cake suggested by Lucie, the school teacher and reader of “Libé”.

They will be back at school tomorrow, and you probably, deep inside yourself, are quite relieved. Or, you are more anxious than they are about the start of the new school year. Breathe in and tell yourself you have a few hours left before you leave for a round of assignments, report cards, last minute pool bags and other snacks to prepare and walks to accompany. This Wednesday, she is the schoolteacher and reader of Liberated, Lucie, who offers us “the lady’s apple cake”.

She has a beautiful story: “About ten years ago, my future husband and I were part of a student symphony choir, which organized rehearsal weekends with joint picnics. Lucie writes to us in an email. We tried a delicious apple cake made by a friend named Adrien: I am rarely a fan of fruit cakes that often look very dry and stuffy to me, but it was especially soft! So I hurried to ask Adrien for the recipe, which he kindly gave me.

Pyrex glass version

Later, Lucie became a schoolteacher and taught mainly in kindergarten and CP, “Where it is traditional to make birthday cakes in the classroom! So I adapted the recipe to measure the ingredients with a glass of Pyrex (you know those menses with age at the end) and not with measuring cups (the number of grams in the garden, which does not. Does not mean much). I also replaced the melted butter (without microwave or class dish) with sunflower oil (neutral flavor that supports high temperatures).

The latest episode of “Bouffons la vie”

To change the delights, Lucie suggests preparing this recipe sometimes with apples, sometimes with chocolate with bananas, with chocolate with pears or with grated carrots and with orange peel.. “The secret is that you do not have to worry about the thickness of the device and the seemingly disproportionate amount of fruit (it looks a lot compared to the dough): that’s what makes that cake soft! In summer, I adjust it by adding brugon, peaches and apricots that are slightly damaged, it is also very good! ” it complements.

You will need: 125 g of flour (ie 2 cups); 150 g sugar (ie 1 cup); half a bag of yeast; a pinch of salt; 2 large eggs; 60 g melted butter or half a glass of sunflower oil; 4 apples (or 2 large pears and 15 squares of dark chocolate, cut into pieces; or 3 or 4 mashed bananas and 15 squares of dark chocolate cut into similar pieces; or 2 grated carrots and the skin of an organic orange or 300 to 400 g of slightly damaged summer fruits…)

First preheat the oven to 180 °. In a bowl, mix the flour, baking powder, sugar and salt. Add the eggs, the fat, then your peeled and sliced ​​apples, mix with a flexible spatula: if you seem to have a lot of fruit compared to the dough, that’s normal! Pour into a cake tin or cake tin (longer cooking) and bake for thirty to forty minutes. Check the readiness with the tip of the knife, which should come out dry.


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