Lidl offers a delicious recipe for marinated chicken thighs!

Lidl offers a delicious recipe for marinated chicken thighs!

This week, Lidl invites us to sit down to eat around a tempting recipe for marinated chicken thighs. On your forks!

To whet your appetite, you can always rely on Lidl! Sign thus offers us this week to delight us with an authentic tempting recipe! MCE TV shows you everything from A to Z.

A festive meal offered by Lidl

What are we enjoying this week with Lidl? As we know, the discount is also unmatched in quality and price. Indeed, the diversity of products offered on the shelves is simply stunning.

Because since the beginning of the brand, Lidl’s offer has grown tremendously. Today, you can find absolutely everything in stores. The brand perfectly responds to the expectations of its customers.

Currently, the festive air invades the discount stalls. In effect, Christmas is only a few weeks away from us.

And already, Lidl is making all the stops to amaze us on New Year’s Eve. Even this year, gourmets will enjoy the brand. From appetizer to dessert, gluttony is guaranteed.

To start this festive meal well, we will start with this selection of 12 canapes that decide in appetite at the time of the aperitif. We will accompany them with this “surprise” bagel consisting of absolutely delicious mini sandwiches!

Therefore, this year, entertainment will not affect all of our savings. Because thanks to Lidl, it has never been easier to celebrate at a low price. As with these four snacks with scallopss, mousse with carrots and apples.

A real gourmet dish which will satisfy seafood lovers. On the safe side, we will whet your appetite even with this guinea fowl stuffed with a block of foie gras and fig chutney! A real holiday dish sells on the shelves for less than 15 euros!

A recipe as delicious as it is quick to prepare!

But if we prefer to just go after the stove, Lidl also invites us to cook good little dishes ourselves. On the brand channel on Youtube, delicious recipes are offered every week.

And today, Hervé is separating us her recipe for marinated chicken thighs ! Hmmm! Our mouths are already watering! For his demonstration, the chef was also surrounded by a culinary assistant.

In fact, it is Michel Biero, Director of Purchasing and Marketing at Lidl France, who helps Hervé in this recipe that requires few ingredients.

After removing the skin Label Rouge chicken thighs, the chef leaves them to marinate with a bouquet of garnish and a few cloves of garlic. Coated with olive oil and chicken broth, put the thighs in the oven for 30 minutes.

To improve his dish, the chef has devised a plate of creamy pasta peel! And so, with some products manufactured at Lidl, it is possible eat well without breaking the bank!

To learn about other equally delicious recipes, just go to Lidl Cuisine page on Youtube and let yourself be drawn to inspiration. After a shopping spree in the store, all you have to do is start cooking! It’s your turn !

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