Martin Juneau signs a partnership with Benny & Co.- HRImag: HOTELS, RESTAURANTS AND INSTITUTIONS

Martin Juneau signs a partnership with Benny & Co.- HRImag: HOTELS, RESTAURANTS AND INSTITUTIONS

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Benny & Co. announced the first collaboration with Martin Juneau to create a new dish on the menu, a fried chicken burger and jalapeños. The chef, in addition to being in charge of several culinary shows, since 2011 is the chef-owner of the restaurant Pastaga.

“During the pandemic, I was afraid I would fail after the closure of three of my institutions,” Martin Juneau said in a press release. The Benny family approached me while I was celebrating the tenth anniversary of Pastaga. We have all gotten into the restaurant business and have been guided by our entrepreneurial instincts. Helping each other bring gastronomy to life at a friendly price, while encouraging local producers, represents for me a very rewarding project. »

Benny & Co. wanted a handmade product for the first fried chicken dough on the menu. After more than a year and several tests conducted with various potential suppliers, their selection fell on a chicken product in Quebec, a whole chicken breast, topped with bread crumbs made from a secret spice mix, in a generous format.

“Our family values ​​and our desire to provide simple, accessible and festive food have spurred our discussions from the beginning. We wanted this dish to fit into the new image of our restaurants, which is more modern but still accessible, says Elisabeth Benny, vice president of marketing and media relations at Benny & Co. The first test of Martin’s recipe was very final to the point that his daughters even approved the final version. We are very grateful to Martin Juneau for his valuable collaboration on this project. »

The ingredients used in the recipe for the new burger come from, among others, Hydroserre, Fromagerie St-Guillaume and Vinaigrette JC Cardinal. Fried chicken and jalapeños burger is offered until 28 August at all restaurants in the chain.

7 new restaurants

On May 2, Benny & Co. was announced the winner in the Big Business Entrepreneurship category at the Les Mercuriades 2022 competition, organized by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce in Quebec. This appreciation highlights the company’s journey over the past two years, which has been particularly challenging for the restaurant sector.

Benny & Co has opened 13 new restaurants since the pandemic began, representing investments of more than $ 20 million that have led to the creation of more than 300 jobs across Quebec. The company is pursuing its expansion projects and will open seven restaurants this year in the cities of Longueuil, Terrebonne, Laval, Jonquière, Rosemère and Mont-Laurier.

“Benny & Co is new. offers a new, more modern presentation of dishes in the dining room. Customers order at the counter and are then identified and served using the badge they were given. This is a good example of technology in the service of industry, ”says Olivier Bourdeau, Vice President of Federal Affairs and Quebec, Restaurants Canada.

The rotisserie chain has a network of 72 branches in Quebec and Ontario. Maître Rôtisseur since 1960, the 4th generation business now offers a range of food products and is still 100% owned by family members. Benny & Co. sells more than twelve million roasted chicken meals a year and employs more than 2200 people.

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