“Maybe the queen is watching us”: in Windsor, giant picnic for the jubilee

“Maybe the queen is watching us”: in Windsor, giant picnic for the jubilee

DStanding at the picnic table, Peter ties red, white and blue balloons to a peg. The last touch of this family decoration from Windsor who came to dine in front of the castle where Elizabeth II resides, for the last day of her platinum jubilee weekend. “We have been celebrating since Thursday! he smiled, not unhappy that he had two breaks for the occasion. This Sunday, June 5 at noon, for the Great Jubilee Lunch, the British are invited to meet in their neighborhood to share a meal together. In Windsor, the family is not alone… Nearly 500 tables are lined up on a mile of Long Walk, a green corridor leading to the royal castle. All seats were dispersed in 10 minutes a few weeks ago, but hundreds of other participants settled around on the lawns.

The gloom has not cooled Peter, who has just opened a bottle of Prosecco, starting the festivities. “It’s English weather… What can seriously happen to us? At worst, we’re wet, but we’re having fun anyway! A little further on, Alexandra and her friends are still planning the tents, “just in case.” On their table lies the special jubilee version collected from the supermarket: a sausage paste marked with the letters “HRH” (Her Royal Highness), a symbol of the kingdom and small cakes decorated with the jubilee logo. “And of course, we have something to drink! »

Sausages and pudding

“It’s the first time they’ve had this big table and it ‘s incredible to be together like this,” said Britt, who came with her daughter Trudy and grandchildren. She rushed to the online reservations as soon as they opened to have a place in the middle of this happy picnic, she explains, pulling the dishes out of the cooler one by one. On the menu: Chicken Wreath – a cold chicken salad named in honor of the queen – sausages, pudding and rhubarb cream. “Oh! Really?” The groom excited.

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Parade, concert, mass… The small family did not miss any of the weekend events, which they watched on TV. Their only regret, that Elizabeth II could not enjoy all the events of her jubilee. “She has to take care of herself, that’s the main thing. Prince Charles is a very good representative. “She is an incredible woman, so strong. We’re proud of her, “Judy, Sally and Rose-Mary agree, opening their Union Jack’s cake. The three grandmothers, who came with other friends, point to Windsor Castle, at the end of the row of tables. “You know, she has an eye everywhere. Maybe she’s looking at us now… “

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