Mistakes to avoid when preparing a salad

Mistakes to avoid when preparing a salad

Behind the word “salad” hides a whole range of varieties and just as many ways to prepare them correctly. iStock

To make a salad, what could be simpler in the kitchen? However, mistakes are common: poor canning, minimal rinsing, spices at the wrong time … Here are the instructions for preparing a green salad according to the rules of art.

Behind the word “salad” hides a variety of varieties and just as many ways to prepare them correctly. Charlotte Entraigues (1) and Patrice Richard (2), both Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Primeur 2019, give their details on the matter.

Choose your salad at random

The most consumed is batavia. We are also very familiar with lettuce, oak leaves, lamb lettuce and arugula. Anyway, “a salad is chosen according to everyone’s tastes. Depending on whether we like soft, crunchy, smooth, curly, peppers, sweet, bitter, red, green … And also according to the dishes we want to give “She”, begins Charlotte Entraigues. Not forgetting to respect the seasons, adds Patrice Richard: “In summer we eat batavia, in winter, escarole, curly or lamb lettuce.” However, there are rules that cover all periods of the year, starting from “The leaves are very strong, not dried and without spots. You should also check the whitening in the heart, it is a guarantee of freshness”, the new one continues. “The back of the lettuce changes from white to dark red. The easier it is, the better, “confirms Patrice Richard. As a result, pre-washed salads are less recommended:” We look very ready-to-use mesclun, you have to be careful. It is generally washed first with chlorine. “Prefer the natural,” advises the expert.

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Keep it open

Salad is a very fragile product. It should be consumed as soon as possible. Its shelf life does not exceed 6 days depending on the variety. Ambient air and temperature damage it. So to keep it, nothing better than the fridge. “A salad can be kept fresh, whole or sliced. To avoid oxidation, it is then placed in a bag or airtight box,” explains Charlotte Entraigues.

Neglect rinsing

The most important thing in preparing a salad remains the fact of washing it to get rid of soil debris or insects that would have been invited between the leaves. “You have to do it carefully in cold water and squeeze it well. You can also add a few drops of white vinegar to drive away small animals,” says the professional. But if it remains, it is soothing, says Patrice Richard: “It’s a very good sign because it means there were no toxic products in it.”

Do not drain

Then make sure you dry it well. Humidity favors premature deterioration of the product. On the taste side, we lose flavor and crunchiness if the leaves are still drowned in water. To drain: a clamp. But do not be afraid if you do not have this container in hand: “A clean cloth is enough. We put the washed leaves in it, then we tempt the folded cloth at both ends to draw out all the water,” Charlotte explains. Entraigues.

Spices very quickly

“The ideal is to enjoy it at the last minute, just before serving, so that the salad stays fresh as long as possible and is not” cooked “by all the oils”, assures Charlotte Entraigues. “The last moment is the best time to increase your preparation, because it will help save the whole crisis,” says Patrice Richard. Once passed, it is impossible to keep the mixture undisturbed, even in a cool place. Note that when preparing a salad, it is better to crush the leaves by hand than to cut them with a knife to delay the oxidation caused by the acidity of the vinegrette. Therefore, we leave the facilities open and treat the product with love, only it will be better for it.

(1) Fruiti Royan, 150 avenue de Rochefort, 17200 Royan. Such. : 05 46 06 39 87.
(2) Ladam Futures, 24 Rue de Mars, 51100 Reims. Such. : 06 61 63 48 90.

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