Recipe.  Chef David Gallienne cooks a Vallée d’Auge chicken with yuzu in La Hoguette

Recipe. Chef David Gallienne cooks a Vallée d’Auge chicken with yuzu in La Hoguette

This week, celebrity chef David Gallienne is leaving his kitchens for the Pays de Falaise, more specifically in the town of La Hoguette in Calvados. Before putting on the apron, his hosts for the day, Annie and Pascal introduce him to cultivating shrubs from remote regions. between them Yuzu!

This week, our culinary adventure stops in Falaise, which is located about thirty miles south of Caen in Calvados. Right at the foot of William the Conqueror castle, our chef and host David Gallienne has a meeting with Annie and Pascal. This couple, passionate about gardening and traveling, got married here a few years ago …

At the top of the tallest tower which offers a magnificent panorama of the city and its surroundings, Annie and Pascal invite our chef to come and discover their farm.

Their specialty in La Hoguette: plants, fruit trees and aromatic herbs from elsewhere… and among them: yuzu.

Yuzu is a sour hybrid citrus of wild mandarin and lemon. It can be chosen green for taste or yellow for its juice. In Japan, where it originates, this famous fruit is celebrated at the end of the year.

Surprising as it may seem, this little citrus from Japan is perfectly acclimatized to Normandy. Before dealing with the recipe of the week, David will also reveal all the secrets of yuzu, as you can see in the excerpt below:

With the good advice of the countrymen, David reaps some yuzus to cook them in our recipe, which reviews a traditional Norman dish: Chickens of the Auge valley. The skins and leaves of yuzu will bring freshness and delicacy.

The taste of Norman meetings is Saturday, December 4 at 11:30 p.m. in France 3 Normandy.

If you want to try this revised chicken recipe from Vallée d’Auge, here is the procedure to follow.
Let’s start with the ingredients you need:

  • 1 chicken er farmer 👨‍🌾
  • 4 carrots 🥕
  • 250 gr mushrooms 🍄
  • 8 potatoes 🥔
  • 5 cl Calvados 🥃
  • 30 cl thick fresh cream 🥛
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • 1 bolt of citrus olive oil 🍊
  • 2 Yuzu 🍋
  • 10 leaves Yuzu 🍃

Once this list of ingredients is put together, we start by cutting the chicken into pieces, then peel and chop the vegetables. Then we put the fresh cream with yuzu leaves in a pot. Now it’s time to fry the chicken in olive oil and add the flour while stirring. When the chicken is well fried, coat it with calvados and then add the mushrooms, potatoes and carrots to the pot.

It’s time to strain the yuzu leaf tea and add it to the rest.
Finally grind the yuzus and collect the skin that you will put in your preparation.

It’s ready, enjoy!

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