RECIPE Jennifer Aniston: we know her favorite salad… and ate it every day for 10 years!

RECIPE Jennifer Aniston: we know her favorite salad… and ate it every day for 10 years!

Is there a dish you like so much that you eat it every day for ten years? For Jennifer Aniston, it’s a big yes! During the years of her friendship, the actress ate the same salad every lunch break. We discover the ingredients that make it up!

Eat the same thing every day it seems to be the new fashion of the stars. For 25 years, Victoria Beckham enjoyed, for example, grilled fish and steamed vegetables. Luckily she did not see feathers grow on her ribs! On the side, Anna Wintour is a small player: Editor-in-Chief of Vogue used to eat the same salad every lunch. It cost him $ 77 even though it consisted of only three ingredients. Same fight for Jennifer Aniston. But do not worry, his dish is much more gourmet …

What ingredients make up Jennifer Aniston’s favorite salad?

In the group of friends, what played the role of Rachel was limited to eat the same salad every lunch break. She even brought online her two friends Courteney Cox, otherwise known as Monica, and Lisa Kudrow, known as Phoebe in the series. In the menu: cob salad for all ! Traditionally consisting of green salad, tomatoes, grilled bacon, chicken fillets, boiled eggs, avocado, chickpeas, roquefort and vinegrette red wine, Jennifer Aniston has reviewed this California salad with her sauce. Today it is called by the way “Jennifer Aniston Salad”.

Recipe: Jennifer Aniston salad goes viral on TikTok

In an interview given to Los Angeles Times, Courtney Cox really trusted the recipe that Jennifer Aniston had time to perfect over the years of her friends: “She confused him with chicks and je-ne-sais-quoi”she points out. Healthy food enthusiastJenifer Anniston has really developed a salad that has nothing to do with the famous Cobb. Its secret ingredients? from bulgur cooked, a few pieces of cucumbera mixture ofred onion, mint and parsleydecorated with crushed pistachiosfrom sliced ​​cheese and D ‘garbanzo beansSpanish name for chives. A recipe widely approved by TikTokeurs gourmets, who in turn appropriate it. The circle is complete!

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