RECIPE What is bubble cake, this crazy new dessert trend?

RECIPE What is bubble cake, this crazy new dessert trend?

Bubble cake is the cake that has been pleasing Webin for several weeks. What is the recipe for its success? We tell you everything!

After dad, banana bread and bundt cake, a new cake made a visible appearance on social networks: bubble cake.

Cakes: what is bubble cake, this new fashionable cake?

A truly extravagant treatment! bubble cake looks like sugar pastry cakes, which we like to order for our children’s birthdays or as a wedding dessert. However, it has a wow fortune… and no less important: beautiful bubbles ; are the ones who gave the name to this cake. And the more, the better! Dessert enthusiasts have fun making them in different sizes and colorsto give the cake a truly stunning 3D effect. But by the way, how do these famous bubbles get made?

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Recipe: how to make bubble cake bubbles?

We prefer to warn you: making those bubbles perfectly rounded and smooth takes time … and so on very (very) patient ! Ready to roll up your sleeves? Website explains it step by step.

Ingredients and dishes needed:

  • balloons
  • Heat resistant bowl
  • Gelatin
  • water
  • food coloring
  • small brush
  • A sheet of polystyrene


  1. Blow the balloons to the desired size (first refer to that of an egg) and tie a knot to close them. Pass a toothpick through this joint : will allow the balloons to stand vertically during the drying phase.
  2. In the bowl, mix one part gelatin with two parts waterand some food coloring. Place in in the microwave for 10 seconds then let cool for 2 minutes.
  3. During this time, wet your balloons withneutral oil so that the gelatin sticks well. Then get a balloon at the level of the toothpick and we paint it in colored gelatin. Rotate it to cover the entire surface. You can also use a brush to Wear Your Balloon |
  4. Insert the toothpick into the polystyrene plate and let your ball dry. Repeat the operation 3 to 4 times, until the color suits you. Do not hesitate to put the gelatin back in the microwave for 4 seconds so that it does not cool down.
  5. Once the final layer has been laid, let your balloons dry for 24 hours. The next day, give a pair of scissors cut at the knot balloon to inflate and gently release the gelatin bubble.
  6. And finally, the creative phase: put your beautiful bubbles on a cake in sugar paste… and celebrate your victory!

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