Restaurant Review  Burgers, fried foods and natural wine at Pick Up

Restaurant Review Burgers, fried foods and natural wine at Pick Up

Through good and, sometimes, not so good views, our restaurant critics tell you about their experience, introduce the team to the dining room and kitchen, while explaining what motivated the choice of restaurant. This week: restaurant-bar Le Pick Up.

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Eva Dumas

Eva Dumas

Why talk about it?

Because sometimes we just want a good burger with chips, but sometimes we also want a fresh side salad and maybe even a great beer or wine. All this is possible in the restaurant-bar Le Pick Up, opened on rue Ontario Est (Hochelaga), two years ago, in a former province of La Belle.

Who are they ?


Marc Giroux is the chef of the convenience store Le Pick Up and bar-resto.

Bernadette Houde and Penny Pattinson have created some of the most “Montreal” places to hang out in the metropolis, with Dépanneur Le Pick Up and the late Alexandraplatz (which became elegant WILLS beers just a few weeks ago), in Mile- Former county. Inclusiveness, sincerity and originality are the basis of all the duo’s projects, which has also been joined by chef Marc Giroux. The resto-bar is no exception to the rule.

Our experience

  • Although fun, we did not dare Big Bernie Mac!


    Although fun, we did not dare Big Bernie Mac!

  • it


    This “perfect salad” can be eaten as a side dish or as a meal.

  • French fries are king.


    French fries are king.

  • Fresh chips being prepared


    Fresh chips being prepared

  • Dish ready to serve


    Dish ready to serve

1/ 5

After two years of COVID-19, the restaurant-bar Le Pick Up now has to deal with a section of the Ontario road under construction and will not be able to install picnic tables this summer. If you want to enjoy your fried chicken sandwich outside, during the summer season, you will need to order pickup and placement in a park.

As our craving for a burger fell on a cold, gray gray evening, it was with pleasure that we settled into one of the benches in the dining room. On the decor side, it’s hard to do more retro. it’s DINNER the slightly pale coffee that every good North American should have in his life, tailored to Quebec sauce.

To eat, not even the growing teen dared Big Bernie Mac, a very fucking couple we saw sitting at the next table. Drive-Thru, with cheese, caramelized onions and homemade sauce, did the trick. In my case, the peta was replaced with a generous portion of fried chicken. Fried cauliflower can replace meat. This slightly sweet and salty “Nashville” is stuffed with marinated zucchini, spicy mayonnaise and lettuce.

  • Bar-resto-up in Hochelaga, rue Ontario.

    Photo by Sarah Mongeau-Birkett, SHTYP

    Bar-resto-up in Hochelaga, rue Ontario.

  • A selection of alcohol is also offered.


    A selection of alcohol is also offered.

1/ 2

We have a bias for crunchy chips here. It is especially good, regardless of whether you choose the simple one or the one with garlic and coriander. To bring some vitamins to the table, the “perfect green salad” fits its name. Lettuce, radicchio, finely chopped apples, dill, pumpkin seeds and Green Goddess sauce filled with herbs give this greenery the qualities of a complete meal. In large format, will!

When we passed, Le Pick Up had no cakes. The team was awaiting the first shipments of Les Folles qui popotent, a beautiful pastry shop that also opened in Hochelaga in 2020. We look forward to returning to the area to enjoy the lime pie and inverted pineapple cake. two proposals that fit well with Pick Up personality.

In our glass


Simple cocktails, beers, craft wines satisfy selective drinkers.

The list of beer, cider and wines is one of the main attractions of Pick Up. A Cantillon with your burger? Yes, please ! There are also local options on tap, cans and bottles, including a restaurant collaboration with the Espace bar public, aimed at reminiscent of the Déli-Cinq drink. Cider from Revel, Ontario, was not available last week, but those from Alma were. Then there were some excellent choices of craft wines, especially bottled.

Good to know


The restaurant-bar is about a construction site opposite.

Unfortunately, Pick Up is located in the heart of the Zone de Rencontre Simon-Valois construction site, between rue Nicolet and rue Bourbonnière, until the end of autumn. It can therefore not be reached by car, but the Joliette metro station is too far away and access is definitely guaranteed for pedestrians.


Sadly, yes, my son, we live in an age where two triplets (including one with beer!) Prepared with quality meat and other fresh ingredients cost $ 50, I had to explain to the McDonald’s regular. At $ 9-15 per burger, we are at the rate of a small independent snack.


At the moment, Le Pick Up Resto-bar is open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 17:00 until 22:00, at 3739, rue Ontario Est.

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