Techniques to keep the salad fresh for a long time

Techniques to keep the salad fresh for a long time

Have you ever wondered how to keep a salad fresh? We have some tips to help you save money and make your salad last longer! Green salad is a healthy, low-calorie and fresh product, which makes it our best ally in preparing salads and appetizers. The only drawback we have to accept is that it fades very quickly. We often find it difficult to keep our salad nice and crunchy. We buy it from the store, but it fades before we use it. It is very inconvenient to spend money occasionally to buy a new green salad. Luckily we have finally found the answer to the question of how to save the salad and of course we will share our tips with you!

A healthy and delicious green salad

how to save salad a delicious salad with lettuce and tomatoes

walnut salad

how to save salad a delicious salad with walnut lettuce and tomatoes

Lighter green salad like iceberg tends to dry faster. Buying dark green lettuce will save you money because it will last longer in the fridge. In addition, dark lettuce has the best impact on the human body of all salads.

lettuce iceberg

keep the green iceberg lettuce salad open in a bowl

Favorite dark green salad

roasted organic green Roman salad

It turns out that treating with green salad is a real art. There are some specific points in washing as well, which in other vegetables is a very simple task. So what are the steps here?

  1. Fill the sink or a large bowl with cold water.
  2. Divide the lettuce leaves.
  3. Soak the leaves in water.
  4. Stir the water to get into all the small corners and wash the leaves well.
  5. Let the vegetables float in the water for about 10 minutes. During this time, sand and dirt will fall to the bottom of the sink.
  6. Dry the green salad. Shake the leaves gently to drain the water. Next, place the greens in a salad bowl.

Wash the lettuce well!

how to wash a salad wash lettuce in a bowl

Shake so that the water drains

roll the salad without spinning shake the green leaves to drain the water

A spinner for your vegetables

salad shop spin salad on a spinner

Roll the salad without a rolling pin

Don’t have a salad roll? Do not worry ! We have a very good alternative to offer you! Wrap the damp green leaves with some clean kitchen towels, then place in a plastic food bag. Rotate the bag vigorously in the arm circles. The movement will cause water to drain from the sheets and sink into the towels.

Kitchen towels – a very good alternative

spin lettuce salad without spinning green leaves in bowl and napkin

Once you have bought, washed and squeezed the salad, you either have to eat it, keep it or do both. However, preserving green salad can prove to be a more or less difficult task. To help you, we have found some great tips!

Protect lettuce from moisture

We advise you to wash the salad shortly before consumption and not before. On the other hand, if you have already washed the salad, dry it very well before placing it in the fridge. In addition, a paper towel is a very good idea. Simply fold a paper towel and place over your salad in the storage container. It will absorb moisture and thus keep your salad fresh.

Choose the best sheets

Regardless of the vegetables, the first step is always the same: we need to get rid of all the parts of it that have already dried (or are on the verge). Experts say that when a vegetable is cooked, it releases ethylene gas, which can speed up the aging process of other vegetables around it.

Divide the lettuce leaves

Avoid storing the salad in a container without separating the leaves from each other. This is an important condition for successful storage, because the separation of the leaves will ensure air circulation which in turn will not allow moisture to suffocate the vegetables.

Paper towels against moisture

storing the salad in a paper bag and green salad

Salad storage box

The key to storing lettuce is finding the right container. That’s why we have listed the best variants for you!

Store the salad in a bag

Too often, supermarkets prefer to sell lettuce in slightly perforated bags. This way the moisture can be removed freely without damaging the vegetables. You can very well take advantage of this example to preserve the salad well.

Why not use a bag?

canned lettuce in green leaf bag emerging from a bag

Closed container

Do not keep your lettuce in a bowl. Instead, use a container that you can close. Without being in contact with the air, your salad will retain its freshness longer. However, keep in mind that in this case you should not leave moisture. The only disadvantage of this type of container is that it will take up more space in the refrigerator.

The closed container is a very good idea

Drain the green salad storage and store the salad in a sealed container

Salad storage box store lettuce in a sealed container

plastic containers

Plastic containers are also a very good option, as they do not take up much space. Of course you need to make sure your salad is well dried or put on a paper towel to avoid any danger.

store lettuce salad in a plastic container

storing green salad store the salad in a sealed container

Can you freeze the salad?

Unfortunately, you can not freeze the salad like zucchini or green beans. The reason is that it contains a large amount of water. This can cause burns in the fridge, which makes the vegetable inedible. However, we have a very good alternative! If you know you will not be able to use the rest of your lettuce before it dries, try chopping it in a blender and tossing it with water. Then freeze on a tray with ice cubes. You will not be able to make a salad out of it, but you will have delicious ice cubes that you can add to your favorite smoothies.

What a good idea!

can you raise ice cubes with lettuce lettuce

can you raise ice cubes lettuce green salad

can you top up the salad with green smoothies

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