Tel Aviv: one fish and more in Barbunia |  Blog by Gilles Pudlowski

Tel Aviv: one fish and more in Barbunia | Blog by Gilles Pudlowski

Facade © GP

Do not confuse this prudent maritime address with its non-kosher annex (located just opposite, at 192 rue Ben Yehuda) where, of course, you can eat mussels, shrimp and squid, but where the welcome is completely sour. The ambiance here is, of course, harmless, to say the least, if not sad, but the terrace is a pure rural and peaceful bliss with its stunning view of the road movement and the welcome is adorable.

Drum fish carpaccio © GP

In the program: fresh fish, salads and simplicity. The products come directly from the fish market in the neighboring country – where the sign bears an ‘o’ for Barbohuina – do not ask us why! – which guarantees freshness and variety of what is offered. The assortment of salads (with the mention of eggplant caviar) is included in the price of fish dishes, which helps to understand that the grade is easy. And the sea is two steps away …

Assortment of salads © GP

In short, enjoy the jar of the moment, drum fish carp (a variety of ombrine) seasoned with fairly soft red peppers and a good olive oil, grilled sea bass, sea carp that has undergone the same treatment, accompanied by white butter sauce. and coriander with mint, lettuce and more green peppers and roasted eggplant.

Grilled bass © GP

We drink thereover a glass of Gamla chardonnay from the large basement in the Golan Heights. For cakes, we tried our luck right across the street, in the non-kosher, of the same name, at rue 192 (see above), but they pulled us out. And so we discovered the excellent Java cafe, right next door. We will be back to you soon. Enjoy your meal everyone!

Grilled seafood © GP


Ben Yehuda St 163

Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6347109

Such. : 053-942-4941

Opening hours: 12 noon-midnight (Friday: 16:00).

Weekly closing. : sat.

Card: 35 €.

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