the chicken makes the cake – Liberation

the chicken makes the cake – Liberation

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Nothing goes beyond cooking to warm the mood. Today, the art of magnifying Sunday bird droppings.

It’s Monday, it’s waste control. Like other days elsewhere. But the advantage of starting the week is that there is often garbage from the Sunday holiday. Like those of the chicken, an iconic Sunday bird. We celebrated it with thighs, fillets. We fought for the head and neck. But chickens can not be completely naked like that. Often there is little meat left in the body between the pear and the cheese.

Broccoli and mustard

So on Monday, we save everything we can from the beast. To do what? A cake of course. Yes, chicken spice cake. Because cake is really welcome. He is a little scrap trader, gravel in the kitchen. A broccoli, a zucchini, a little tired in the vegetable drawer, a lonely banana being bored in the fruit basket, a leftover mushroom that is seriously whipping? Go hop, extract the flour, eggs and all things and attack one of the many recipes from Pizza, quiches & cakeswonderful book by Emilie Perrin (1).

Lettuce and lamb chicory

For the “chicken, curry and coriander cake”, you need 100 g of chicken breast; 10 twigs of cilantro; 70 g butter at room temperature; 200 g flour; 1 packet of baking powder; 2 teaspoons curry powder; 3 eggs; 10 cl of milk.

Preheat your oven to 180 ° C. Cut the chicken into pieces and grate the cilantro. Coat the soft butter with your fingertips with the flour, yeast, curry. Add the eggs …


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