The truth about green salad

The truth about green salad

Ben then madmoizelle what is this bad thing about salad?
The truth about the salad? Hum … And if the truth was elsewhere? (X files 5 seconds)
And if the truth about the salad, this unwanted beauty, would be found more at the level of our people’s poor food routine? Salad is a universe of discoveries of taste and freshness

First of all, “salad” is not a vegetable, but a generic name to define many types of leafy vegetables edible by humans.

The lack of diversity in the UK neighbors’s dinner / friends’s dish (when I have to go, yck yuck), or when we have lunch with our food is clear to say the least.
My girlfriends, for example, did not all know that there is a devilish list of vegetables to throw in a salad and that you can make a homemade vinegrette in less than 5 minutes without being a Topchef finalist.
They always return to the “green salad” from the supermarket, which often does not have much taste, moreover it is sold not too fresh, all sprinkled abundantly (not to say drowned) in an industrial sauce with ingredients whimsical, even filled with mayonnaise. It’s noooord!
The worst part is that they complain about the lack of taste of the “salad” to justify the overdose of vinaigrette / mayonnaise while I say nothing ah. I watch without saying a word the fascinating construction of this avalanche of fats modified by agri-food engineering, spread on old wrinkled lettuce leaves, and then quickly swallowed by moral obligation rather than taste.

The famous salad is a good food for our little body, why? She gives us:

– few phenolic compounds and carotenoids => antioxidant
– soluble fiber => lower blood cholesterol
– vitamins (A, K except iceberg, B9, C), iron, manganese

Good to know: antioxidants in lettuce are better absorbed if you eat it with a good fat content
So a vinegrette with an interesting oil (olive, grape seeds, mix of some oils, nuts, hazelnuts, rapeseed seeds etc.) is good for your health.

And the choice of level for the leaves we have a wide choice between different lettuce, chicory, dandelion, purslan, cabbage, arugula … Just not to chew only the “iceberg” or the expensive bag of salad salad-mix with discount ( that I also buy, but that I add to other vegetables).

Moreover, in “salads”, side dishes, starters or main course, you do not have to limit yourself to the only green salad at the vegetable level. We also have a wide selection of vegetables / fruits that can be eaten as raw vegetables: spinach, bok choy, cabbage, endive, chard, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, papaya (green or even roasted), peppers , corn, beets, celery, fennel, edible flowers etc.

Let’s even be crazy, we can even include cooked things like green beans, red / white / pink beans, chickpeas, beans, lentils, eggplant, turnips …
You can also consider a very significant “salad” by adding cereals or starch: potatoes, sweet potatoes, quinoa, oatmeal, rice, pasta …

Not to mention the other common ingredients for many salads: cheeses, fish / meat, croutons, seeds and above all a good vinegrette with different oils / vinegar that vary according to the seasons.

Another remark, I have the impression that most salad eaters in mainland France eat the “salad” at the end of the meal, while at home (on an island) it was more like the beginning or even directly with the main course (or even the main course a mega salad mixed).
A habit inherited from the cheese plate at the end of the meal, which is served with lettuce leaves?

I paved a sidewalk, sorry but the summary and I’m still looking for each other: rotate:

Good salads for those who chew it now
And a good app for everyone

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