The vegetables that will be harvested in May are the first to come to the table!  Which to boost immunity?

The vegetables that will be harvested in May are the first to come to the table! Which to boost immunity?

Being an avid gardener, nothing can make you avoid the idea of ​​planting your seedlings even in adverse weather. It does not prevent frost outside, thanks to the heating carpet, you have started your vegetable garden inside in January and February. That way your seedlings were ready for planting in March and some in April. The first vegetables to be harvested in May are already on the table. What are the beginnings that will help you strengthen your immunity on the eve of summer?

Why should vegetables be harvested in May on most leafy greens?

vegetables to harvest in May wait herb greens with lettuce chicory leaves

Due to the lack of enough sun, the first vegetables to be harvested in May are leafy greens. The earth is slowly beginning to warm up, but sunny days alternate with sometimes thunderstorms. The weather at this time of year is volatile. Therefore, we can expect herbs, lettuce, chickpeas, asparagus and others, for which surface heat is not exclusively vital. You planted the vegetable seedlings indoors in the winter and transplanted them into the garden in March. Today you have a wide selection that will provide the amount of vitamins and minerals needed for strong immunity.

What can you harvest from your garden in May to season spring salads?

vegetables to harvest chickpeas in May included the list of perennial plants

Despite the losses suffered by fruit trees, your green-leafed trees have survived the ice saints who have been released again this year.

Chives are one of the first vegetables you harvest in your vegetable garden in May. What’s more, you put it on the list of perennial plants to have it for several years. Part of the onion family, chickpeas are excellent in spring salads. Leave a little bloom for the dressing of chickpea flowers and return for a late harvest. Collect only a few of the chickpea shoots like a ponytail and cut with scissors.

Among the vegetables to be harvested in May, cabbage ranks par excellence

vegetables to be harvested in May cut cabbage a few outer leaves let grow more

Cabbage is the plant to cut and turn par excellence. You can regularly harvest cabbage leaves and make salad from them every other day. Do not go into harvest: just cut some outer leaves from the plant and let the others grow longer for another day. One great thing about whole cabbage is that it creates room for new plants. Once you are done with so many leaves, try making sauerkraut and kimchi as effective probiotics.

Radish is harvested one month after planting

vegetables to be harvested in May reveal that well-grown seedlings dry out before harvest

Radishes are ready to harvest about 30 to 45 days after sowing the seeds. To take advantage of this, look for good shoot growth and dry just before harvest. It is not rocket science to cook radish tops and other leaves with a sweet and green flavor in taste.

vegetables to harvest in May pea cabbage let stick gourmet treat

A gastronomic dessert promises even pea seedlings that you can let cling to a cage. They are edible and quite nutritious. If you want the taste of peas in your salad, try chopping some cabbage and tossing it with your cabbage leaves.

what vegetables to harvest kale kale produces beautiful smoothie leaves

What does a green smoothie mean to you every morning? In May, kale plants produce delicious leaves. Cut the outer leaves and strengthen yourself.

Carrots, beets and beans for spring soups

which vegetables to harvest in May beets carrots bean salad ingredients

Planted in March, carrots and beets proudly raise their tops. Use a fork, being careful not to injure them when pulling.

As for the beans, you can harvest the newest ones if you planted them in the fall. As a spice for roast lamb, beans provide a delicious aroma. If you let them dry, save them for winter meals or for planting.

Lettuce is ready to be added to your salads

what vegetables to harvest can enrich fresh spring salad salads

Your raised beds are full of green leaves that you are tempted to pick. Don’t wait any longer and enrich your spring salads with crunchy lettuce. If you haven’t grown red and purple mustard, do this absolutely next year to add a delicious splash of color and flavor to your salad bowls.

Want to celebrate with asparagus?

what to harvest in May holiday juice asparagus easy recipes these

Whatever we say, it will not be praised! These vitamin bombs come to the table in several respects: asparagus juice is very nutritious; Light and light, asparagus is a hit in these recipes. So do not wait any longer and enjoy! It’s asparagus season!

We can not do without herbs

what to harvest in May herb for season salad salads oregano rosemary coriander

Parsley is ready to enjoy salads and soups. You can also chop oregano and rosemary. If your favorite cold season grass is cilantro, cut some herbs to get leaves for cabbage salads.

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