Unusual.  She finds a rare tree frog in her salad bought from Lidl

Unusual. She finds a rare tree frog in her salad bought from Lidl

For a surprise, it’s a surprise. While cooking dinner for friends a few weeks ago, a woman saw a tree frog jumping from the box of batavia she had bought from Lidl.

Lucky for the little animal, its color challenged this Créteil resident, in Val-de-Marne. “It’s not a frog like the others, it’s fluorescent green,” she noted. Parisian.

A protected animal

It was the neighbor who indicated that the animal was a tree frog hyla meridionalisa protected species.

The small animal is even on the “red list” of amphibians in mainland France. In question: the degradation of its natural habitat (forests) for the cultivation of vegetables and salads exactly…

And this little tree frog had to make a long trip to Ile-de-France. Originally from North Africa, it is located either around the Mediterranean, or in the south of France, Spain or Portugal.

Direction of Gironda

The traveling amphibian was then placed in a vivarium, before joining Gironde. There, he was installed at a wildlife rescue center in disaster, along with birds, reptiles and other amphibians. He was later released.

As for Lidl, the brand did not respond to the demands of the daily. However, a file was opened by the company after the discovery of this tree frog. One thing is for sure, this one was born under a lucky star.

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