VIDEO Chef: Internet users amazed by a chef’s chicken recipe

VIDEO Chef: Internet users amazed by a chef’s chicken recipe

This Wednesday, March 2, 2022, M6 aired a new issue of Chief cook. During the program, chef Alexandre Gauthier honored the candidates with a chicken recipe. But he obviously has not been unanimous with internet users…

Since February 16, 2022, the M6 ​​has unveiled the new season of Chief cook. And the least we can say is that the program is a hit. Broadcast for the first time in 2010, the latter has continued to evolve over the seasons to attract more and more viewers. The channel decided to implement a few seasons ago now, the concept of “brigade”. Four iconic chefs Hélène Darroze, Philippe Etchebest, Paul Pairet and newcomer Glenn Viel each train three candidates with the aim of bringing them as close to the finish as possible.

A kit that has turned into a real institution. As a test, many chefs do not hesitate to come from all over the world to attend as guests at the show. Some of the chefs who have left the show are now an integral part of the culinary world, this is especially the case with Jean Imbert, who has just taken over as head of the Plaza Athénée, or even Mory Sacko, who just a few weeks after opening his MoSuke restaurant, managed to earn a Michelin star.

Internet users are not convinced …

This Wednesday, 02.03.2022, the candidates competed again to win their place for the next stage. And during the episode, it’s Alexandre Gauthier, the iconic chef of the two-star restaurant La Grenouillere in Pas-de-Calais qUI challenged the contestants with a chicken theme. And it seems no one was expecting this recipe, not even internet users!

In fact, the chef invited them to taste three little white balls, which were nothing but little chicken balls. An amazing recipe and a visual creation that caused the confusion of internet users : “The boy buys a roasted chicken, cooks it in the oven for 25 minutes; well-toasted fountain, a true miracle. Anyway, all this to finally get 3 roasted chicken balls “,” Ok so a star chef at Top Chef gives us 3 chicken juice balls “,” So lo, the chicken has to become the ball? “. But some seemed to like it: ““Roast chicken ball is probably the thing that has made me want more since the beginning of the season.” Flavors and colors …

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