Vinaigrette: 12 original and delicious recipe ideas for delicious salads!

Vinaigrette: 12 original and delicious recipe ideas for delicious salads!

of spring is there and brings us good weather in her luggage. We exchange some of our hot dishes for one Salad with vitamins and balanced. But if we are ever afraid that it lacks taste, adding one Vinegrette to improve the taste of food will bring the touch of pep that was missing in your recipe.

of vegetable are good for our health and a salad, soluble, stuffed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, is a good opportunity to eat a good amount. However, we dread the mild and boring taste of a salad without sauce.

A delicious homemade vinegrette

Both in terms of taste and nutritional interest, you prefer a dressing made in your kitchen and not in the factory.
of salad dressing made by you are really better in taste and healthy for our body than those bought in the store. And do not use the argument of the past tense in to cookmost only take a few minutes to complete.

Flavor a flavorful salad

or classic clothing consists of the oil of your choice, vinegar, salt and pepper that you just need to mix together before pouring it generously onto your plate. To enjoy this recipe and make it more original and suitable for your various salads, we suggest you add lemon and orange peel to a vinegrette citrus or basil and mint leaves for even more freshness. For the touch of originality exotic that will make your salad unique, choose matcha powder, sesame paste or mango.

Fresh, delicious and especially customizable Store well in the refrigerator for one to two weeks.

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