What can I replace mustard with in my recipes?

What can I replace mustard with in my recipes?

Strong, moderately strong, in seeds, with honey, with tarragon… Mustard has spiced up our vinegars, flavored our sauces and accompanied our meat for centuries. But now that after the lack of sunflower oil, it becomes difficult to catch a jar of mustard in stores. And when left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. But why? And what alternatives to our recipes?

Why such a lack of mustard?

Contrary to popular belief, mustard seeds in pots sold on shelves are only very rarely from French production. Canada is established as the leading producer in the world and supplies 80% of the seeds that France imports. Ari, dExtremely hot weather occurred in July 2021 in Canada and affected crops. A year later, seeds are scarce, prices are rising and the aroma has begun to run out in French supermarkets. Russia and Ukraine, two other countries exporting mustard seeds, could have been an alternative, but the war between the two countries ended exports.

No mustard, how do I taste my meat?

If you can not imagine enjoying your beef steak, your grilled sausages or your mustard-free chicken, try horseradish. Their taste is very close! You will find this root vegetable spicy taste and pepper, from the same family as mustard, brassicas, on certain market stalls until September (to mince it raw) or in jars, in paste form. Depending on your taste, diluted with cream to soften and enjoy its aromatic taste.

or Roquefort or dressing scarves can do wonders even with red meat. For yours grill or marinadeconsider also Worcestershire sauce of English origin, less spicy than mustard, but which will bring about a sweet and sour touch.

To enhance the flavors of your dishes and sauces, do not hesitate to dig into your spice cupboard or expand it if you are missing references.

For my vinaigrette, how do I do that?

Teams accustomed to spicy notes can replace mustard with wasabi. This green spice obtained from a root, also called “Japanese mustard”, is most often presented in the form of a paste and traditionally with sushi spices. Add to your vinegrette, using it sparingly at first to fit it into your palate. like mustard, wasabi can interfere quickly!

With the right spices, a slice of lemon on your vinegrette may also be enough to add heat. Read also: Two changing clothing recipes

Arugula, mesclun, watermelon .. Also do not forget to change the salads to take advantage of their more or less pepper flavors.

A mayonnaise without mustard, is it possible?

Seafood or scrambled eggs on the menu, but you can no longer find mustard when you finally put a bottle of oil in your hand? Everything is not lost! Replace the golden spice with an egg yolk mixed with a tablespoon of wine vinegar then proceed as usual. You will only need salt and pepper. In the absence of mustard, you can also add wasabi to your mayonnaise. To try!

Watch the video of mayonnaise without mustard:

And for my pie shell?

Do you usually spread a spoonful of mustard on the bottom of your short crust or your noodle to give more flavor to your pie? Replace with tapenade! Excellent for example in a tomato pie.

Aromatic plants, an alternative?

Sow the seeds of Chinese mustard in your vegetable garden. Within a few weeks, you will be able to harvest the leaves and add them to your salad dressings to rediscover the taste of this precious spice.

Lack of mustard: and online?

If your regular supermarket has no references and you absolutely need a jar, make a detour to organic storesthey sometimes still have some in stock.

On the Internet, some sites (with shipping costs which may increase the note, do the calculation in advance!), can help you if you absolutely need precious spices:


French Mustard Martin-Pouret: martin-pouret.com

French Mustard Edmond Fallot: www.epicerieduterroir.fr or www.edelices.com


On the Maille site, a wide range of “gourmet” mustard.

What about you, what are your alternatives in the kitchen if you are affected by this mustard shortage? Share your tips

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