When and how to plant spring lettuce?

When and how to plant spring lettuce?

Lettuce offers beautiful more or less narrow heads with green or reddish leaves. Soft and crunchy spring lettuces are resistant to freezing and cold temperatures.

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with TOMATO, lettuces are essential in the vegetable garden. Easy to grow, anticipate planting under cover to harvest the first spring lettuce from April.

Which variety of spring lettuce to choose?

of lettuce are planted all year round so choose the so-called spring varieties, very early, to be cultivated at the beginning of the year.

Here are some varieties approved by gardeners:

  • ‘Queen of May’: lettuce head with leaves tint green marked with red;
  • ‘Gotte Jaune d’Or’: dense-headed lettuce with light green leaves;
  • ‘Appia’: green-headed lettuce with large head;
  • ‘Novappia’: large-headed lettuce with smooth, green leaves;
  • ‘Dorée de Printemps’: narrow-headed batavia lettuce with golden blonde leaves.

When to plant spring lettuce?

The first spring lettuces can be planted from January, under cover. A tunnel, frame or nursery may be suitable for housing these leafy greens. In regions with climate sweet, you can plant them directly in the vegetable garden from March. Avoid taking too many salads at once, then, afterwards, not at all; it is necessary to distance the planting periods to take advantage of the crunchy leaves of long months. Sow every week or every 15 days.

How to plant spring lettuce?

Prefer loose soil, enriched with humus, worked deeply and freshly for the successful cultivation of lettuce. A location in the sun will promote the healthy development of salads. In furrows 3 cm deep, well watered, sow lightly, avoiding the accumulation of seeds. Cover with soil and press the surface. Remake a watering light over newly planted furrows.

Count about three weeks between planting and the first planting, when the legs bear some leaves. Place rows and 25 cm lettuces so you can pass the hoe to the weeds andair to avoid the installation of diseases. Gently lift each other foot to transplant them into the vegetable garden. This transplant makes it possible to leave the necessary space around the lettuces that are left in place to grow perfectly and makes it possible to multiply the lettuces in the vegetable garden.

Once the seedlings are transplanted, water abundantly, avoiding the leaf. If your salads are still covered, remember to air as soon as a beautiful day is declared. Be careful with slugs who love very fresh young shoots. To correct this if an attack occurs, set beer traps, hull freedom or ash around the feet.

Two months after planting, you can harvest the first lettuce by cutting the stalk with a knife.

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