which dishes will best accompany your grilling this summer 2022?

which dishes will best accompany your grilling this summer 2022?

With the onset of summer, it’s time for aperitifs and grilled meats with family and friends. These are seasonal favorites, but not always enough to create a menu worthy of themselves. Fortunately, we offer you here a selection of Barbecue accompaniments and recipe ideas that should allow you to best accommodate your grilled meats, sausages and other hells. Something tells us you will like it … Follow the guide!

What Barbecue accompaniment and recipe ideas? Feel your classics!

Fashionable grill side dishes for summer 2022 and recipe ideas

That’s it, we are! Are you ready for the Barbecue season? Don’t worry, we have some easy ideas to prepare and recipe ideas. And to finish, delicious! What are you waiting to enjoy?


side grilled potatoes 2022

If there is one vegetable that fits the grill well, it is definitely the potato! It is the ideal accompaniment to grilled fish and meat: in charcoal, mashed potatoes or dauphinois gratin, you are spoiled as desired. Feel free to taste it with aromatic herbs like Herbes de Provence or rosemary to enhance the taste.

grilled chips 2022

If the kids are invited to the party, there is no need to risk it. Treat them with homemade chips. If you want to be original, why not try sweet potatoes, carrots or even chips instead of chips? So, mouth watering?


what salads to accompany grilled meats

Think about the salads you should have, the essential summer things for lighter barbecues. From classic green salads to the most original mixed summer salad recipes, anything is possible! For recipes full of freshness, do not hesitate to mix vegetables with fruits: tomatoes with strawberries or watermelon for example, or cucumber with melon.

salad in fashion barbecue accompaniments 2022

Guaranteed success during a hot wave! For athletes who need more stamina, consider a salad with Mediterranean pasta, rice or other cereals. Similarly, an original idea is to replace pasta with zucchini tagliatelle. Their ease and refreshing side will delight your guests!

Barbecue Side Dishes and Recipe Ideas: Essential Grilled Vegetables

which has grilled vegetables as a side dish for Barbecue 2022

Here are our 3 best grilled vegetables that are easy to prepare and perfect to accompany your meat or fish on the Barbecue! Do not thank us, it ended here!


grilled zucchini to accompany your meat or fish 2022

Zucchini is a summer vegetable that will be an easy and tasty side dish. In addition, it is very easy to prepare. Follow these tips:

  • Wash a zucchini
  • We cut it into slices about 0.5 cm thick that we go
  • Place on the grill for the barbecue
  • Take care to return them regularly

grilled zucchini for the Barbecue 2022 trend

If you like crispy zucchini, you will need about 5 minutes of cooking versus ten minutes if you prefer very soft ones. We advise you to flavor them with garlic and fresh parsley one minute before the end of cooking.


accompaniments and recipe ideas for barbecue with eggplants

A slice of grilled eggplant will go perfectly with any meat. To prepare eggplants do not forget the essential steps to lose some water:

  • Wash those eggplants
  • Thani ato
  • Cut them into slices
  • Coat them with salt for about 20 minutes

how to prepare grilled eggplants in vogue 2022

In terms of preparation, just place your slices on the barbecue grill. Next, wash your vegetables with a little olive oil. Finally turn them to one side once they are cooked. The other solution is to cut the eggplants into two pieces and coat each half with an olive oil-based spice of your choice. Have fun!

Exterior of Barbecue accompaniment and summer recipe ideas: corn

escorts and recipe ideas for Barbecue 2022

Summer is definitely the best time of the year to eat corn without asking too many questions about its preparation. Do you know how to cook corn on the cob? Nothing too complicated, corn on the cob is super simple to prepare and delicious to eat.

side dish with grilled corn 2022

All you have to do is place them on the barbecue grill. In general, 15 minutes will be enough for you. Remember to rotate them regularly to ensure even cooking. Once they are grilled, salt them to your taste and melt a piece of butter on them to taste. A pleasure, we assure you!

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